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Bridge to Success is the only workforce development bridge organization of its kind serving both at-risk men, women and young adults citywide in the Chicago metropolitan area. Bridge to Success was founded in 2006 by interested Chicagoans who wanted to make an impact on poverty and employment in the metropolitan Chicago area.

  • Taxpayers are saved approximately $11,000 for every man and woman who gains successful employment
  • Job readiness, combined with confidence in one’s appearance, allows men and women to focus on learning their jobs, keeping their jobs and advancing to higher paying positions
  • 85% of individuals turned down following a first interview are declined due to their appearance
  • When a man or woman is dressed appropriately for an interview and, ultimately for their job, it assists with building their sense of self-worth and self-confidence
  • Bridge to Success is needed now more than ever. We make a real difference in determining whether our clients will continue to live in poverty or on welfare assistance.


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