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Donate to Bridge to Success

Your talents, resources, clothing, and financial help are greatly needed and appreciated. If everyone does a little, no one needs to do it all!

Financial Support

Your talents, resources and financial help are greatly needed and appreciated. If everyone does a little, no one needs to do it all!

It takes more than clothing to help vulnerable adults back to work. Bridge to Success depends on your financial support to ensure that thousands of low-income Chicago area job seekers are able to receive high quality professional clothing and critical training to advance their careers.


Your contribution enables theirs

The reason is simple. With every outfit an individual receives, with every personal and professional development workshop they attend, a Bridge to Success client gains confidence, skills and belief in their own capabilities.From this personal change, there are more choices and better options leading to economic independence.

  • $500 provides an interview outfit and training for four individuals
  • $250 provides an interview outfit and training for two individuals
  • $125 provides an interview outfit and training for one individual

Your Contribution Options

Feel free to e-mail or call us and we will answer any questions you may have.

To donate using your credit card (MasterCard, Visa or American Express), you may call 312.733.9742 or click the DONATE button on our web pages!

Or send your tax-deductible financial contribution with checks made payable to "Bridge to Success". with your name, address, telephone number, and email address to:

Bridge to Success
2208 W. Chicago Ave,
Chicago, Illinois, 60622

We thank you for your generosity and support!

Become a Corporate Sponsor

We are looking for corporate sponsors to help us with both in-kind and financial contributions. If your corporation supports empowerment through gainful employment, we are interested in YOU! Please contact us and we will arrange a visit to our site or schedule an appointment at your corporate office.


Host a Party!

No matter the occasion, you can host a party for Bridge to Success. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or holiday celebration insist the only appropriate gift is a financial donation, clothing or accessories for Bridge to Success.

Donate Clothing

Bridge to Success is located at 2208 W. Chicago Avenue.

Donations are accepted on the second Saturday of the month, between 12:30 and 4:30.


We ask that clothing be CLEAN, gently used, in great condition, in style, and comes to us on hangers (as appropriate). Clothing must be 5 years or less in age or of timeless design. Men's suits and sport coats need to be of year-round wearable weight. Shirts must NOT have any discoloration around the collar, armpits or cuffs. 

If an item has stains, is pilled, smells, or is in rough shape we cannot use it.
If you would NOT wear it or give it to a friend, please don't give it to us as our clients won't want to wear it either.

Please, please, please DO NOT put clothing in bags when it should be on a hanger. We are too small to accept it. :(

We cannot accept badly worn shoes, gym shoes, work boots, jeans, golf or logoed shirts, underwear of any kind, swimsuits, or sweatshirts. Thanks for paying attention to this!


Women's Apparel: 

  • Dresses
  • Suits
  • Blouses/Tops
  • Slacks
  • Handbags
  • LARGE SIZE Dress Shoes
  • Scarves
  • Jewelry and Belts
  • Designer clothing and accessories for the resale store


Men's Apparel



  • Dress Shirts,  particularly 3X AND LARGER
  • Dress Shoes, particularly 12 AND LARGER
  • Watches, Cuff links, and Tie Clips


Gift cards to Payless Shoes, Wal-Mart and Target are always welcome!

Tax Receipts

All donations are tax deductible. We do not need an itemized listing of your donations. When you donate you will receive a receipt for your tax file.

Clothing and Accessory Drives

Interested in organizing a drive on behalf of your company? Please contact us!!

Don't forget the Empowerment part of your drive! 

Clothing Drive Guidelines

In addition to clothing, Bridge to Success relies on financial donations to outfit the men and women who need our assistance! All donations are tax deductible.

  • Ask your company to match its employees' contributions with a corporate gift of $150 or more.
  • Have colleagues without clothes to donate support the drive with a financial gift.
  • Collect spare change and donate it to Bridge to Success.

Our Wish List

Here are some items we would gladly accept as a donation in-kind.

  • Garment bags to hold suits
  • Mannequins/Dress Forms
  • Printer paper (20#, 40# and 90+ brilliance)
  • Disposable rubber gloves
  • Large black trash bags (33 GALLON)