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First Impressions Count

Did you know?

  • Cook County, Illinois has the second-highest number of millionaire households and the second-highest number of poor household of any county in the nation.

  • An Illinois family of three in extreme poverty has a monthly income of less that $692. Without help, the majority of the family's income can be consumed by just one basic necessity, leaving many other important needs unmet.

  • Bridge to Success believes that each of its clients already has the tools to get the job, but lack the appropriate clothing for their job search and the income to purchase it. Bridge to Success doesn't just give a participant clothing, it helps them with that essential accessory that goes with every outfit: self-confidence.

  • The increased confidence that comes from securing and maintaining employment not only helps the individual, but also strengthens their family and the community.

  • More than 85% of all employment rejections are based on personal presentation, which includes dress and grooming. At the initial interview, how you look is every bit as important as how well you interview and the skills you present. Companies are looking for the full package.

  • The importance of proper attire cannot be over emphasized. The first interview determines which candidates move to the second round of interviewing. To make it to the 'big show' you have to make it past the audition.