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Need An Interview Outfit Read On.....

First Impressions Count!

The experts say that it takes only four to six seconds for you to make that first impression. In today's job market making a good first impression at an interview is everything. More than 85% of all interview rejections are based on appearance and grooming.

That's why executive coaches, career counselors and others put so much stock in "dressing to impress." The truth is, an interview might just be your only opportunity to impress. Unfortunately potential employers may decide if you don't take your appearance seriously you won't take your work seriously either.

According to Barbara Glass, image and wardrobe consultant and fashion editor for Chicago's NBC 5 News, it's all in the details. "Why does everyone want to unwrap the present that's the most attractive during the holidays? Believe me, they'll pick that one first," Glass says. "It's how you wrap yourself." A candidate's appearance can make or break a decision to extend an offer.

But what do you do if you can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars for in interview outfit?


Bridge to Success can help! There are ways to achieve a professional and well put together look without spending a lot of money.

For information on how to obtain an interview outfit please contact Bridge to Success at 312.733.9742 or by email at . Make sure to tell us you visited our website. We will be happy to help you make that GREAT first impression at a job interview.

How to Obtain Interview Clothing

If you are an individual who is currently looking for a job and need an interview outfit please contact

Bridge to Success at 312.733.9742 or email us at to find out how to obtain services.

Job training programs should contact to obtain information about how to refer clients for interview clothing. You may also call us at 312.733.9742.

Who to Contact

Please contact Susan Van Veen, or 312.733.9742
Services are provided on an agency paid fee-for-service basis. Bridge to Success works with multiple organizations to provide services to job seekers so they may "ace" that great first impression at the interview.